Allison Hitchcock

Leader. Supporter. Learner.

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- Bio -

My education in psychology and dynamic experiences in leading individuals with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), assisting in research on ASD, and supporting children in school and camp settings has equipped me with a wide set of skills. Adaptibilty, communication, and empathy stand strong among them. My background has lead me to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy, where my interests meet for the goal of supporting children with intellectual and physical disabilities.


I studied at the University of California San Diego and majored in Clincal Psychology. Below are my interests and pursuits within the field.

Atypical Neural Development

My interest in atypical neural development began with my volunteering with a toddler who has ASD, giving therapy sessions. My interest expanded to working as a lab assistant and job coach in this field.

Child Development

I have a minor in Education Studies which has equipped me with 120 hours of field experience in classrooms. This expereince, combined with my passion for Psychology guided my pursuit of working with children with intellectual disabilities.

Social Work

Since 2012 I have been volunteering with a summer camp for children in Orange County's foster care system called Camp Alandale. Here I found a passion for working with children in underpriviliged circumstances.


At the University of California San Diego I majored in Clinical Psychology and minored in Education Studies.


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