Question. Investigate. Act.

The PoNG center is driven by the curiosity of the researchers at UC San Diego and our collaborators. We are committed to investigating problems with social impact through data collection and providing data-driven solutions… Pretty fun solutions. The varied expertise of PoNG faculty, staff, and students in the fields of neuroscience, physics, computer engineering, behavioral psychology, and fine arts ensure that there is always something to explore.

“As in the previous evaluation, most jobs found have been administrative, professional or technical in nature, and therefore well suited to the educational and intellectual capabilities of the individuals involved…Satisfaction amongst all participants was high and, although inevitably problems did arise, these were generally relatively easy to deal with using the types of management strategies that are known to be widely effective with people with autism across age and IQ levels”.

Howlin, P., Alcock, J., & Burkin, C. (2005). An 8 year follow-up of a specialist supported employment service for high-ability adults with autism or Asperger syndrome. Autism, 9(5), 533-549.

The conclusion expressed is at the core of our Neurodiversity in Tech research. We believe that targeted, strategic training for individuals with autism spectrum disorder produce positive outcomes for the individual as well as the workforce itself. Focusing on technical work well suited to the population and expanding on coaching support and tech-based tools are the goals of our NSF funded research.

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