Cognitive Motor Tasks

A study from T. L. Simmons, J. Snider, M. Amit, T. N. Ng, J. Townsend and L. Chukoskie in which cognitive and motor tasks were used to compare the ASD population with neurotypical counterparts to explore the relation between cognition, movement, and development.

Vocalized N-Back Test
Commonly used n-back task, but the participant vocally responds to indicate if the n-back condition was true.

Tap Gloves
A custom glove created and scripted to automatically poll every 16ms (60Hz) to detect when the forefinger and thumb came together (a tap). To collect data, a conductive cloth sewn to the fingertips is connected to a conductive thread that runs along the back of the hand to a port. This port sends circuit information to a pull-down switch on a digital I/O pin on a Teensy LC (Arduino compatible). The Teensy LC is programmed to report the state of the pull-down switch when polled over a serial connection.

Check out our Publications page on how this was used in research.

Example data of an excerpt from a 2-back trial all aligned on trial time. First panel shows the data from forceplate task. Second panel shows the tapping, and third panel is vocal response to the n-back task shown in the fourth panel.

Attention Training Suite for Younger Children

We created eye-tracking games specifically for younger children who experience attention orienting and focus challenges. The goal is to improve foundational attention skills early, so children can use them effectively to succeed in social and academic situations.

Coloring Look
Color the template by looking at the colors and sections you want to fill. This game trains gaze fixation.

See Explorer
The introductory game used for players to acclimate to the eye-tracking mechanism by interacting with sea creatures on the screen and gazing at the side of the screens to move in-between scenes.

Balloon Pop
Gaze at the flying balloon and make it pop before they exit off the screen. This game trains gaze fixation.

Ducky Dash
Guide your duck through a narrow opening as far as you can while collecting bubbles if possible. This game trains executive functioning

Hungry Bunny
Look at the bunny to feed it carrots, but do not feed it to the raccoons! This game trains inhibition.