Communication Station

Communication Station, part of the NSF Future of Work project, is a 2D, workforce development game designed to teach best communication practices to entry-level employees without work experience. This game is played prior to or soon after starting work for as part of the onboarding process.

In future iterations, we are expecting to include an AI component to identify keywords in the players’ answer input.

Older Adult Cognitive Training

We created a set of eye-tracking games training games for seniors to train inhibition to distractions and peripheral vision.

PoNG Center is currently creating a set of control games that reflect the older adult suite.

Assessments at Home

PoNG Center has collaborated with BrainLeap Technologies to turn scientific assessments into games! Assessments typically done in a lab setting, like an E-task, anti-saccade task, and fixation task have been turned into Tiger Trot, Gone Fishing, and Soup’s On.

PoNG Center is currently focusing on creating a gamified speed of processing and divided attention task, commonly used to assess distractability and predict driving performance.


Loom is a VR game where players replicate the model of a patterned, colored blocks. In co-op mode, players are limited to only a specific type of block and must work together to complete the level.