The PoNG Center integrates neuroscience knowledge in the areas of motivation, learning, movement, and physiology with current and cutting edge sensor technology through the medium of video game interaction. We create integrative platforms, tools and best practices for developing and delivering games for education, therapeutic intervention, and cognitive improvement.

Working collaboratively, PoNG staff and students offer expertise in game design and development in the Unity platform and also sensor-enabled experiences for integrated data collection with exquisite control of timing.  We are open to collaborative research opportunities and also offer our art, design, and game development services on a recharge basis.

To initiate a collaboration, please contact us.

Examples of collaborative projects created with the support of PoNG and the Qualcomm Institute Learning Academy:

Anti-Plague Project (Unity 2D)
*Recommended to play in fullscreen mode*

Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys

Camera Zoom: Mouse wheel

Project Lead: Trish Stone
Students: Sijie Liu, Yixing Wang, Hainan Xiong