Welcoming Trish Stone to our team!

Welcoming Trish Stone to our team!

We would like to welcome Trish Stone, Programs Coordinator for Qualcomm Institute, Calit2, UC San Diego, as PoNG Center’s Creative Director! Trish will also serve to mentor interdiciplinary student groups in the AIP program alongside Leanne Chukoskie at Qualcomm Institute’s Learning Academy.

Also as a new media artist, Trish showcased her project, Network Error, of 3D-printed miniature figurines of herself, and used them to stage tiny protests in public spaces. She displayed photographs of the protests, along with an interactive videogame and a live streaming of the figurines, at gallery@calit2 and San Diego Art Institute.

To learn more about the amazing projects from Trish, check out her projects here!

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