Team Plodding Penguin wins 2020 iLRNFuser Online Game Jam

Team Plodding Penguin wins 2020 iLRNFuser Online Game Jam

Congratulations to developers at PoNG Center Trent Simmons, Khalil Jackson, and Corly Huang for winning the Grand Challenge FIRST prize at iLRNFuser @ the iLRN2020 Virtual Conference!

#iLRN2020 is a global conference that brings together scientists and innovators to share the possibilities in immersive learning through technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and other extended reality (XR).

PoNG Center’s developers joined the iLRNFuser game jam as part of this conference to create an educational VR game, designed for the K-12 population to experience the vicious cycle of climate change and income equality in the penguin village.

To learn more about the game or to download it, click this link:

Congratulations once again to everyone on the team for winning iLRNFuser!

Developers: Trent Simmons, Khalil Jackson, Corly Huang, Daniel Robberts, Jacob Momson

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