In 2017, the Power of NeuroGaming (PoNG) Center was created through a generous donation from the Legler Benbough Foundation and support from the Qualcomm Institute. Our cozy space in 1609 Atkinson Hall offers room for both individual and collaborative design and development. PoNG is equipped with multiple GPU-enabled workstations, VR and AR headsets, a wide array of sensors capable of integration into adaptive systems, and plenty of coffee.  

The idea for PoNG emerged from an NIH-funded project to develop and test gaze-driven attention training games for children on the autism spectrum.  It was difficult to develop compelling games on the budget of federal grants. The PoNG learning-through-doing ecosystem was born out of this need for research-informed game design and development talent. Today, students, staff, and faculty work together to develop serious games and sensor-enabled experience for our own research purposes as well as the research goals of our colleagues.  Our original games have spun out into a company, BrainLeap Technologies that licenses the games and know-how from UCSD, making attention training fun and accessible for all.

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