Neurodiversity in Tech: SXSW Panel

Neurodiversity in Tech: SXSW Panel

Update: This event has been cancelled due to pandemic COVID-19

PoNG Center’s Leanne Chukoskie was invited to speak at a panel at the 2020 South by Southwest Conference in March! Join her and her fellow panelists Torrie Dunlap, Amy Johnson, and Mike Roberts to learn more about Neurodiversity in Tech: The Power of Inclusion.

Description: We often hear that the downside of technology is that it can isolate us. But what if you are already disconnected from those around you because of your genetic traits? Autism is a life-long neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterized by difficulty communicating and interacting with others. With the help of technology and the power of video games, autistic individuals are developing social skills and learning focus techniques that are helping them navigate and excel in a “neural typical” world and opening up job opportunities. Join a conversation about how a future neurodiverse workforce will benefit employers, who are discovering an untapped source of talent in autistic individuals, as well as society at large, which is learning there is more than one way to perceive the world.

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