Power of NeuroGaming Center

Through the PoNG Center and with help from the San Diego Foundation, we have taken on the awesome and humbling task of providing an internship for up to 25 young adults, some of whom self-identify as on the autism spectrum. These students, who have graduated from high school with or without college experience, will spend 8 weeks at RADLab and the PoNG Center at a STEM focused tech-based fellowship. Here, they will acquire and hone video game development skills like computer coding, digital art, and project management. But they will also be paired with coaches and mentors that will develop the soft skills needed to thrive in a mainstream work environment. This is part of an initiative close to our hearts to increase the currently dismal employment rates of individuals with autism and ASD. Stay tuned for amazing things!!


Alexander Buchanan
Benjamin Marta
Brandon Simmons
Cameron Vega
Christopher Rosenbaum
Corey Pritts
Daniel Wright
Gilead Cosman
James Pearl
Jarrett Koran
Kevin McKinnis
Lauren Taylor
Lawson Pritchard-Hickey
Madeline Yee
Naseem Baramki-Azar
Nathan Patrick
Nicholas Asaro
Seth Posner
Shane Stewart
Stephen Airy
Stephen Kay
Thomas Circle
Torsten Jorgensen
Victor Chacon


Allie Hitchcock
Josh Mandap
Madeleine Chiba
Ryan Spence