Torsten Jorgensen

Hard Worker | Active Learner

Educational Background:

Eastlake Middle:

2013-2014: Recieved Triton of the Week Award. (Award for those who showed improvement in both academics and preformance in a single class.)

Eastlake High:

2014-2015: Took Intro to Engineering Design in Freshman year.

2015-2016: Recieved Prometheus Award in Sophmore year (Award of Exellence for those who have a G.P.A. between 3.57-3.76).

2016-2017: 1. Took Biotechnology in Junior year.

2. Took Digital Media Production in Junior year.

2017-2018: 1. Took AP Language and Composition in Senior Year.

2. Graduated with Principal Honor's Roll for completing the following requirements: Taking 2 AP classes in the past 4 years, compeleting over 100 hours of community service (which was 198), and obtaining a G.P.A. of 3.75 or higher.

About Me

I am currently an intern at UC San Diego's Pong Research Institute. This internship consists of many teams all working on creating video games for research in autism and other mental problems. The interns also learn how to make video games using Unity, which is a video game creating software. It is there where I helped find the sound effects and background music for my team's game and created some of the artwork for the title screen, pause menu, game over screen, and score board. My team's game consists of using a FOVE VR headset and a mouse to guide a spaceship around the screen, dodging incoming asteriods, picking up objects and odd-looking canisters that will cause the ship to speed up. This game is meant to help those with autism to improve their social interaction behaviors and other problems they might be suffering from.

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Experiences & Workplace Skills

I also did some volunteer work for the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista. The Living Coast Discovery Center is an environmental education center with marine animal, animal and bird exhibits located in the Sweetwater Marsh Unit of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge in Chula Vista, California. At the center, I worked at the Arts and Crafts station, worked as Shark and Ray Monitor (someone who keeps watch at the center's shark and ray exhibit in order to ensure that everyone follows the rules), and Tidepool Monitor (performs similar duties as the Shark and Ray monitor at the tidepool exhibit. I also helped out at several Team-Up to Clean-Up events, which is where the center and volunteers worked together with the community in order to pick up trash and other actions at local wildlife habitats in order to create a safer and more beautiful environment, and helped operate a booth at a fair at a visitor center at the Tijuana River.

I have many skills that can benefit me in a work place. I am able to work well alongside others in a group. I have a good memory to allow me to remeber certain things. I can be a hard worker, and an active listener towards another speaker when I am not distracted which can be hard because I have autism. I often have a lot of good ideas on certain things which I can pitch in a group. I am intelligent and smart, which is useful when helping someone on a subject that they are stuck or confused on.

Personal Interests

There are many subjects that both interest me and excite me. One of my favorite interests is gaming. I, myself, am a huge gamer and play video games as part of my hobby. I usually play video games that are made by Nintendo on my Nintendo consoles. The one that I am mostly playing right now is my Nintendo 3DS. My favorite video game franchises are Pokemon, Kirby, and the Legend of Zelda. I also like to listen to video game music, mostly final boss music. I wish to create my own video game someday using what I have learned from the Pong internship. Even though I am new to coding and attempted to learn it but stopped, with my active imagination and the right coding materials, I can make a video game that makes lots of money and can be one that everyone can enjoy.

Another interest of mine is reading. I love to read books. The ones that I like the most are those that are fictional and have good storylines. The one that I am currently reading right now is Book 1 in 6th arc of the Warriors (a ficitonal series about cats living in the wild) series entitled Vision of Shadows: The Apprentices' Quest. I most enjoy series by authors such as Erin Hunter (author of the Warrior series and other books) and Rick Riordan (author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and other mythological-based novels). There were a few times in the past, where I was young, where I wrote my own stories, using my own active imagination, which was because of my autism. There still is a collection of them kept in the office where I normally do my homework. My writing style began to improve soon with the help of my English 7th teacher, Ms.Bump. Over the years, my writing became better and better, which a few examples being two poems both from my English 10 and 11 classes, which my Mom liked so much that she hung them up in my office. However, it was during my AP Language and Composition class in my Senior year, where my writing had changed into a more mature style. Both these things described above would help me if I ever got a job as an author at a book publishing company.

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