Stephen Kay

Bios Summary

I got my Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems at Point Loma Nazarene University because I enjoy the logical process computing has and like using computers to improve whatever I happen to be doing. At NFAR(National Foundation of Autism Research) I have been working to become a certified software tester because I enjoy pushing on the limits of systems and seeing what results can actually be produced. At the Power Of Neuro Gaming Center, I have been helping develop a VR game that can be used to help track visual attention and eventually help train people to focus better. I applied for this because I like videogames and helping people and this involves both. I enjoy the creative design process, the refinement process where ideas get shaped into more definitve and usable forms, and the testing process to make sure those ideas are working as intended.









Visual Basic


Power Of Neuro Gaming

Helped develop VR game. Wrote C# script to collect data and control gameflow. Set up menus and sound effects.

Tech Hire

Conducted testing for new features on websites. Did regression testing to make sure old features did not break. Documented defects found and reported them.



I enjoy developing things, whether that be programs, RPG characters, or abstract ideas that can be used more broadly.


I enjoy pushing things to their limits, which also happens to be a good way to test things. Figuring out extremes or niche inputs that would break a system is something I am good at and use this to test if a system catches exceptions or other oddities or if they slip through and break something


I enjoy creating things. From programs to structures in minecraft, from custom RPG classes and races to alternate endings to stories I enjoy. I can come up with almost anything