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I have enjoyed programming since I first took classes on it during high school, and have pursued a career in it ever since.

Data science

Ever since working in an internship dealing with DNA of microbes in oil wells, I've been curious about data science and the possibilities it can be used for. I am planning on taking classes on it in the winter.

Video Games

I enjoy playing video games a lot and I have made a couple including a Tower Defense game and an Unity based game that uses an eye tracker

California State Polytechnic University

I am currently studying computer science at Cal Poly, about to enter my fifth year. Major related classes that I have completed include but are not limited to Algorithms, basics of Java, systems programming, discrete structures, intro to software engineering, and several calculus and statistics classes.


In addition to my education at Cal Poly, I have also worked several internships. These include working on Unit tests at a Biotech company, tutoring teenagers on introductory Java, and working in Unity on video games with eye trackers for research purposes. Languages I am proficient in include Java, C#, C, and Python, and I have done work with Javascript and HTML/CSS before.


In 2016 I worked at a company called Biota that worked in taking data on microbes in oil wells to determine data about the well. My main purpose at the company was to do Unit testing to make sure the software they had was working as intended. Most of the code was done using python.


At Radlab I worked on making video games for research purposes for UCSD. My group was tasked to work on a game that would use an eye tracker to pop balloons, which would test and improve toddler's focus and attention. My role in the group was to make the UI functional and set up the data recording process.

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