James Pearl

Graphic/Web Designer, Photographer, Software Teste


To describe myself I am a huge nerd, with a major interest in comics, video games, and anything having to do with anime or Japan in general. I am also an avid amateur photographer taking my camera anywhere I can to take pics in my spare time as well as colaborate projects with production companies, other photographers, and models (mainly pin-up and/or cosplay). I have all ready been a secondary photog on at least one calendar. And am currently very into cosplay photgraphy working with a small group of friends who cosplay at convention and dedicated shoots we organize. Professionally I am currently doing freelance IT and web design, but I am also trying to find a more stable/long-term job somewhere in the tech field that will both allow me to learn/grow in the industry but also uses as many of my current talents and current training/knowledge.


Coleman College

I have an associates in grapich design from Coleman College/University. (2006)

Platt College San Diego

I have an associates and bachelors in media arts (with a focus on web design & 3D animation from Platt College San Diego. (2009)


I have recently become an ISTQB certified software tester. (2017)


My current work experience in the tech industry/field is limited. On top of helping design computer games for helping kids with ASD as a part of UCSD's RadLab.

I have also done short-term data entry work for companies like Chromoloy. And also some mobile game testing for companies like Netmarble. Where I spent a month helping them test the newest version of the "Marvel Future Fight" game.


Aside from the various jobs I have had, I have a number of personal side projects as well. I was trained to use autodesk maya at Platt and have grown to love the 3D modeling aspect of the program (though I admit I unfortunately don't do it as much as I used to) For example the 1st pic is an early model I did of one of the VF-19 jet from Macross.

I am also very active in using adobe illustrator for my own/personal projects (if not general enjoyment). One of the things I like to do the most is make vector artwork. With the example here being a 1973 Porsche Carrera AND (if you scroll back up to the education section) a 1956 Mercury Wagon Where you take a picture (usually JPG or PNG). And recreate it in vector form, which then allows you to modify/change it to whatever you want. As well as the added bonus of not losing the image quality should you need to resize it or something like you would if you tried to resize the original jpg's or png's. Being a gearhead I mainly do cars/planes but I have done other subjects as well.

Finally I am an avid photographer, and in my spare time try to have my camera on me as much as possible, taking pictures of whatever I can find that's interesting from landscapes, to machines (cars/planes again), to even doing some work with models (mainly pin-up and cosplay at the moment). For example, the third image here is a picture I have taken of a friend of mine cosplaying as DC's poison ivy. But also the pictures used in the background of this website as well (the top being a pic I took on a trip to the UK and the second I took at an airshow with another model friend of mine).

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