Hello, my name is Daniel Wright. I was taught math by my dad from a very young age, and ended up pursuing it in school. I am a graduate of MiraCosta Community College and University of California, San Diego(UCSD). I received degrees in mathematics from both institutions. I also attended a technical training program, NFAR(National Foundation for Autism Research) where I learned to test Bluetooth devices, applications, and websites, at both administration level and user level. NFAR is where I obtained the knowledge I needed to earn an ASTQB(American Software Testing Qualifications Board) CTFL(Certified Tester Foundation Level).


I have been volunteering since February of 2017 at C2SDK(Computers to San Diego Kids), a non-profit organization that takes computer donations. Then they update their operating systems, make sure the computers are structurally sound, and then they distribute them to low income families so that the kids have something to do their homework on. I worked on Lenovo laptops and helped clean up and organize the warehouse.

In the summer of 2018 I interned at RadLab, a Tech Lab associated with UCSD, which develops games for research purposes. RadLab hired twenty-five people, most of which have Autism, to give them a more forgiving work environment and a chance to expand their skill base. The interns were split up into five groups and each group was given a different project to work on. The project my group was assigned to was one where the correlation between learning and balance was to be assessed. We accomplished this by creating a game where pressure plates were used as the input to guide a ball around a track, avoiding obstacles, and trying to get faster times on each attempt. Through this internship I have learned how to use Illustrator and Unity.


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