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    Madeleine Chiba

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Currently attending San Diego State University, with the goal of gaining a BS degree in Child and Family Development, with a focus in Child Development. To persue this degree, students complete many hours of internships and hands-on labs. This provides with the experience needed to be sucessful in the actual workforce.

Will complete undergraduate degree by 2019.

More About Me

Trained with Betzi Roe for four years at Coronado School of the Arts. Also, completed three years of dance history courses and one college dance history course. Extensive experience in modern, ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop.


Participated in school facillitated internships at Hannah's House and YALLA.

Hannah's House is a center for court mandated family visitations and exchanges of children between families. This internship included writing activity reports during visitations and making sure that custodial parents and visiting parents are appropriate.

YALLA provided tutoring and college prepatory services for the immigrant youth of San Digo. This internship required teaching skills and knowlegde of how to work with children from different cultures and with different levels of abilities.