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Hello, I am Joshua Mandap currently based in La Jolla.

Microbiology Student. Aspiring Neurologist. Neuroscience Researcher. Community Servant.

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About Me

"Be like water"

Water is able to flow around obstacles, yet it can crash on the shores. In this way, It's all about adapting to the situation.

I apply this philosophy to my school work at the University of California San Diego, internship work for Palomar Health, and my research work for the UCSD School of Medicine.

My Skills

Here a just a few of the things that I am capable of and have experience doing.

CNA Skills 90%
Research Experience 70%
Volunteer Experience 90%
Leadership Experience 75%

Research Experience

Experience working with Gel Electrophoresis and protein isolation. Experience working in the Research in Autism and Development Lab under the UCSD School of Medicine.

Volunteer Experience

Palomar Pathmaker Intern serving shifts at hospitals such as PMC Poway and PMC Escondido. Volunteer chair for Biological Science Student Association and Bioscholars at UCSD.

Leadership Experience

Project Manager and Coach for interns on the ASD Spectrum in the PoNG Summer Internship at RADLAB. Previous teachers assistant for Biology at College of the Desert.

Academic Notes & Awards

Salutatorian of high school class. Top 100 in Saint Louis University entrance exam with half tuition scholarship. Dean's List College of the Desert and UCSD. Current Undergraduate GPA: 3.8

My Experiences

Current employers and my tasks.

Project Manager & Coach 2018 Jun - 2018 Sep

Coach for 5 adult individuals and project manager for 5 other adult individuals on the ASD spectrum who are working toward developing tech skills for the use in STEM jobs in a supported environment. Facilitates learning of computer programming, video game design, and research practice with interns. Does weekly coaching sessions with interns to determine how to best direct and support them.

Pathmaker Intern 2018 Jan - Present

Provides basic patient care including taking vital signs, making occupied beds, giving bed baths, feeding patients, etc. Shadows CNAs, Nurses, and Physicians during their rounds at various floors such as Med Surg/Tele and Neurological Progressive Care.

My Education

The institutions that helped shape me.

Associates in Biology 2015 Aug - 2017 May

Earned an Associates Degree in Biology at the College of the Desert

Bachelor Degree Candidate2017 Jul - Present

Microbiology Bachelor's Degree Candidate with one year left of coursework.

About me as a person!

I enjoy playing any and all sports, video games, and board games. In particular, I am a huge Warriors fan, I love playing Fortnite, and I cannot be beaten in Monopoly.

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